Just talk about the world cup


Anyone seen the fifa world cup?


Go Brazil!!:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:




Watched pretty much half of the matches and the other half I’ve seen the highlights.
Let’s go ENGLAND!!


Did you see England v Panama we absolutely thrashed them 6-1 Harry Kane scored 3, John Stones scored 2 and Jessie Lingard scored the last absolutely lovely playing, watch the highlights on BBC sport it’s great.


Did you see mexico vs korea


Just watched the highlights nice goal from Korea at the end, they’re playing really well at the moment although they did lose but ah well.


I saw sweden vs korea, and korea lost, 1-0, because of one little penalty kick made by a penalty which was made on accident.


Who saw Germany vs Sweden? Germany won!!! Depending on who they are going against I want them to win or not. For example, when the went against Mexico, I wanted Mexico to win. Then, when Germany and Sweden went against each other I wanted Germany to win. :joy::joy::joy:


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