Kith Kin Guard Hub


Here is the hub for the Kith Kin Guard.

Join The Kith Kin Guard: or in the clan list.

I am Deadpool198 and I’m level 39, am 10th on both sides of the multiplayer treasure grove, on dueling grounds I’m 4th on the red, 1st
on the blue side and I’ve got Gift of the trees.

Reasons for joining (if you haven’t already :wink:):


  • you can play against your friends and other clan members and me directly.
  • you can exchange tactics and ideas on this hub

Requirements for the Kith Kin Guard:

  • must be level 20 or above
  • must be on the sarven desert or beyond
  • must be helpful and kind on the Hub

See you soon! :grin:

Make sure you’re kind on this Hub or … … I’ll … ummm, whatever, just be nice.

Official Clan List
Official Flower Grove Topic
Little Trouble /w Highlanders

you’re in:
13th place in dueling grounds in red team.

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I joined on blue team at


Ha, lol, I thought that when I made the comment and I was like, I’m not changing that loads of times.
Anyway thanks for joining my clan.


Hi i just joined your clan.


Cool, thanks! :grin:


@Deadpool198 i just beat you on cavern survival with pender.You were very good :smile:


Well, that’s kind of you but my code was pretty bad, I was like 300th on both sides but your code was good, I think having a Wizard is better in cavern survival because you can summon more troops. But I don’t have any good wizards :tired_face:.


what wizards do you have, what secondary items do you have, and what wands do you have.


Pender is really good


with weak health. She’s bad this level.


Not really i use her and am 44 and going up


Well, actually I do have Pender but I only use her in multiplayer treasure grove because she’s fast but I don’t in cavern survival because I find she doesn’t have enough health. I have the burl staff the lightning twig the steel wand and the best armour but I don’t have any subscription wizards except for Pender but on multiplayer treasure grove I use her and I’ve been 8th before but at the moment I’m 11th I think.


Wow i have ritic and I am 25’t and going up :grin::sunglasses:


you should use the lightning twig.


@Chaboi_3000 how did you get the blue fox? Also shadow-assassinator you should sacrifice your soldiers because they are easier to summon and they are not good. Instead keep the skeletons.


skeletons give more health.


I also do sacrifice soldiers.


Well skeletons are better attackers. And soldiers are easier to summon because you have the boss star 4


Also can you battle my wizard. I have a surprise for you if you do :wink: