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[Level Test] Gega Trials


I am building a series of levels named “Gega Trials” to advance my level-editing skills. After some time, here comes the first part (!). Please playtest it and show me where stuff is going wrong (particularly with the sample code). Thanks!
Gega Trials


You know… It takes quite a while in order to load it, so I haven’t been able to play it for the past 25 minutes


So, I got it loaded, and was able to play a bit, but it keeps stopping after only running a bit of the level. I think there is just too much going on for the game engine to deal with. You probably need your referee to load enemies later in the level so that each time a particular area is cleared, the referee activates a new region.

Or, simpler, just split this huge level into a few smaller levels.

I was able to defeat the first region, but then I just ran off the screen, and it never scrolls, so you can’t even see what is happening. Plus, I think you have a time limit set for the level, and there is too much going on to finish in that amount of time. (I believe levels default to a 2 minutes time limit.)


Yeah, it takes quite a bit of time ;(


Yeah. I’ve got issues with the borders. I shouldn’t have set it to such a meager area. How do I reset it?
Plus, I thought I gave it a 3600-second limit? And what type of referee do I need? BTW, thanks! I never made it past the first trial.