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List of items and levels


I didn’t find any comprehensive list of items, so I started one myself. Now I’d love to share it with all fellow players of CodeCombat, to make decisions a bit easier: list of items

The list currently shows only warrior and general equipment, so it’s incomplete and rather simple. Furthermore, it’s a google docs spreadsheet that anybody can edit, so please don’t mess it up… I’m counting on the community to fill in the missing data.

I also put together a list of levels, so it’s easier to find them and “skip” them if needed: list of levels


ps: could this be integrated in the CodeCombat wiki somehow? Or would anyone take the time and effort to create a separate wiki out of it? (e.g. at wikia or based on tiddlywiki, etc.)

Can I cheat ? Or skip levels in some way?
"Unlocking" Levels that you have passed already
Gathering complete data on units' characteristics
Do we need a wiki?

Why exactly would you need a list of items, there is already one in-game? For the list of the unlocks, there also is a (relatively) updated list here in the forum, with the level where they are unlocked.

While I like the idea of a list of all levels, it kinda defeats the point of progression. Sure, sometimes you’re stuck and just want to continue with the next level, but usually if you can’t beat a level, you’re not ready for it yet and definitely not ready for later levels. If you don’t understand the concepts of loops in the dungeon you can forget to even start the forest.

I thank you for your effort so far but can’t see the point (yet). But I’m open to arguments.

Also your item-list seems to be deleted?!?

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Seems like the link to the items list for some reason has a zero width space added to the end of the url. (Delete the “%E2%80%8B” at the end?)

As for the levels, I wrote a script a while ago to get the level names, links, and basic attributes:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

curl --progress-bar | jq '
  map(select(.name != "Auditions"))
    | sort_by(._id)
    | map({
        name: .fullName,
        url: ("" + .slug),
        levels: .levels
          | map({
              subscriber: (.requiresSubscription // false),
              adventurer: (.adventurer // false),
              multiplayer: (if .type == "hero-ladder" then true else false end),
              replayable: (.replayable // false),
              url: ("" + .slug)

I skipped a couple of levels once before because I overspent my gems and needed better equipment, so there’s that. (Though I already knew some JS, so it’s not very practical if one is new to programming.)

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There are multiple reasons:

  • the in-game list shows only the items that are available to you (equal to or below your level), so it’s hard to tell if it’s worth to wait a few levels for a better item;
  • the in-game list is far from transparent: it’s hard to compare e.g. shields or weapons against each other: is it worth to save more gems for another one or not?
  • you can see all options together and make a better choice about what to buy.

The link was somehow broken – I fixed it now.


Yeah, I like this. Maybe we can link to both of these from the FAQ and the unlocks post?

Not sure if there is enough effort to get a Wikia going, but someone did start a stub for one for anyone interested. Our GitHub wiki is a little more aimed at contributors.

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Why does Cross-bones say I lost against the Simple CPU?

I just realized that the discourse engine can embed the google spreadsheets directly, so I’ll post them here for convenience. (I can’t edit the original post anymore)

List of items

click to open

List of levels

click to open

Please :heart: it if you find this useful! Thanks :smile:


Hi @ant,

Your “List of Items” only shows the Wizard Items. Why is this?


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Becuse there was a filter in the “hero” column, and it looks like you cannot change the filter in the embedded mode. I fixed it.

update: well, I just checked on a different computer, and here the filtering works even on the embedded version…

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Ah, much better! Thank you!


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Some (optional) levels have not unlocked for me as I progressed. I found the list helpful to fill in the missing levels after completing everything else.

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@ant Would it be possible to add a column for release date for these levels?

The following I extracted from the recent mail, but I do not have a complete list…

Release date:

10/05/2016 - CodeCombat Weekly: Adventures To The Forums!
Pet Translator = [Adventurer] Pet Translator
Ranger Danger = [Adventurer] Ranger Danger
Chokepoint = [Adventurer] Chokepoint
Center Formation = [Adventurer] Center Formation
Pet Engineer = [Adventurer] Pet Engineer
Skeleton Puzzle = [Adventurer] Skeleton Puzzle

09/28/2016 - CodeCombat Weekly: New Levels to Play
Treasured in Ice =
Grid Minefield =
Quick Fort =

09/21/2016 - Weekly CodeCombat Levels: Mountain Madness
Chain of Command =
Pet Adjutant =
Scylla and Charybdis =
Hedge Magic =

09/21/2016 - CodeCombat Weekly: New Levels to Play
Antipodes =
To Arms =
Twins Power =

09/15/2016 - CodeCombat Weekly: New Levels to Play
Marauder =
Police Raid =
Wandering Souls =

09/15/2016 - Weekly CodeCombat Levels: A Midsummer Night’s Forest Fantasy
Team Work =
Coordinated Defense =
Recruiting Queue =
Second Gem =

09/07/2016 - CodeCombat Weekly: New Levels to Play
Greed Traps =
Blind Distance =
Hit and Freeze =

09/07/2016 - Weekly CodeCombat Levels: Dungeon and Ice
Double Cheek =
Canyon of Storms =
No Pain No Gain =
Spinach Power =
Fast and Furry-ous =

08/31/2016 - CodeCombat Weekly: New Levels to Play
Lost in the Stacks =
Mightier than the sword =
Form Up =

08/31/2016 - Weekly CodeCombat Levels: Backwoods Battles
Guard Dog =
Long Road =
Forest Jogging =
Cannon Dancing =
Return to Thornbush Farm A =
Return to Thornbush Farm B =

08/29/2016 - Build Games, Create Websites and More!
Maniac Munchkins =
Backwoods Fork =
Tomb Raider =

08/24/2016 - CodeCombat Weekly: New Levels to Play
Seek and Hide =
Forest Miners =
Buddys Name =
PHD Kitty =
Pet Quiz =
The Gauntlet A =
The Gauntlet B =

08/24/2016 - Weekly CodeCombat Levels: Icy Frontiers
Dangerous Tracks =
Perimeter defense =
Golden Choice =

08/17/2016 - CodeCombat Weekly: New Levels to Play
Tomb Ghost =
The Agrippa Defense A =
The Agrippa Defense B =
Short Sighted Burl =

08/17/2016 - Weekly CodeCombat Levels: World Building
Forest Evasion =
One Wrong Step =
Over the Garden Wall = (First Game Dev Level)

08/10/2016 - CodeCombat Weekly: New Levels to Play
Spring Thunder =
Teleport Lasso =
Brawler Hunt =
Backwoods Standoff A =
Backwoods Standoff B =
Usual Day =
Broken Circles =
Cell Commentary =

08/10/2016 - Weekly CodeCombat Levels: Forest Frenzy!
Eagle Eye =
Picnic Buster =
Bad Neighborhood =


I want to buy twilight glasses , but they are not available for shopping at level 22 on a subscriber account and on 27 level free account. What are the prerequisites for this item?
( twilight glasses: see through walls, +infinity, distanceTo, findByType, findEnemies, find Friends, findEnemyMissiles, findFriendlyMissiles, findHazards, findItems, findNearest, isPathClear )

Question self-answered: Items / Accessories / All : On level 30.

Happy New 2018 Year! :grinning: