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Long Range Division

  1. Currently, running into the mines or the bomb explosion will not kill your character if they a reasonably beefy.
  2. It is a lot of fun trying to figure out how to do it appropriately with the self.jump command. I know - not intended solution - but still fun.
  3. The self.findHazards() command is still returning already exploded mines in the list - as a current hazard.

Decent level - only wish would be to use (a) a little more complicated math to identify target locations (versus non-targets) or (b) this opportunity to introduce the syntax we use later to give orders to an artillery unit.


Sounds good to me, although it may not be possible as players usually do not have the necessary item (Boss Star 4, I believe) at this point.


The first thing I tried was guessing the numbers that represented the correct targets, and was able to pass without doing division. Even though the positions are random for every submit, my first strategy still passed because the large area of effect of the artillery shell still reached the rows of mines.

Triggering all the mines didn’t kill my character either.

It was also possible to use a ranged attack to skip at least one row of mines.


The level currently has you call out a distance using the “say” command. Instead of Boss Star IV, put the same syntax into the “say” command, so instead of self.command(x), you use self.say(x) or some such …

Just a thought …


That may be a little too complicated and confusing, seeing as the say method takes a single argument, while command takes an unit, command and extra arguments depending on the command. Furthermore, commanding an unit to attack takes a position instead of a distance, which may defeat the purpose of showcasing division in this level.