Membership for the Great Empire of Arka

Hello there people! I have created a beautiful Empire called Arka(is advertising allowed btw? Anyway,). This “Empire” expands across many lands, such as reddit(r/EmpireofArka), Discord, and the discourse. SHALL WE EXPAND TO MORE LANDS? idk. Should I create a website? idk also. But if you want to join our empire, either dm me or answer this poll here

Do you want to join our empire?
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  • No

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pls tell me if this is allowed

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May b

Ah crud i didnt add an “im already in” option

  • Yes
  • No
  • Im already in
  • You are a penguin that is already in

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i can i only be on the discource though my mom won’t let me on reddit or discord

Yes, of course you can! Let me, Monsty, Zax, or Bolt if you have any more questions and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.


Marmite, Membership Advisor

what egsactly is a empire i mean i know what a emire is but what is it is this situation (pardon my bad spelling)

Hi (@)TheCodingCrusader22,

Apologies for the late reply. In answer to your question, an Empire is a large group of contributors (like you and me) all ruled over by a single leader, in this case Monsty.

Hopefully this helps,


Wow, Empires are becoming a common thing

Yep! It isn’t that bad.

I dunno, they might start competing. But yeah, partly it’s good

But the PME is way further ahead

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But Arka does kinda have more members. And marketing. Aaand it spreads across multiple platforms…

But apart from that yeah.

don’t worry, that’s coming up for us soon as well.

Oh yeah, we do have a Discord already…

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We’ll see about that

As you say, my Lord.

Everyone please vote even if you’re already in

Which membership type do you want/have (choose any)?
  • Discord
  • Discourse
  • Reddit

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The poll will close in 48 hours


votes on discourse poll without being on discourse

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