Multiplayer Stratagies


I created this topic so that people can come and just talk about their multiplayer strategies.


For Cavern Survival I use nalfar because his abilities are really good.


I just do this. :rofl: and it worked until number 5

while True:
    enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
    if enemy:


How much health did your hero have? I use Nalfar and I’m only #3


I have Unholy tome 5


It’s funny, but it seems, that the whole strategy is discribed in level description) (Where it is provided) F.e. “Stay alive longer than your multiplayer opponent amidst hordes of ogres!” for the Cavern Survival. That is quintessence of the level. Everithing else is about coding skills. If you can shield and do it qiute good - use it. The same about paladins and healing, and so on. Do everything to survive, damage your opponent and avoid “hordes of ogres”). For example, I saw many players I hardly could beat just because they use something like

    if self.canCast("invisibility", self):
            self.cast("invisibility", self)

My code is much more sofisticated and have more lines, but I lost)
So, if you have character abilities and can encode them, then combine everithynf in good sequence - you have good chances to win)
I have a couple of ideas, but can’t turn them into code… Yet, I hope) So, I can’t reach 100% of victories.


Post your ideas! We would be more than happy to try to turn them into code! I have a couple myself.


Well, I don’t manage to put “self.isPathClear” and dodging missiles in the whole code)


I once tried to used path is clear, but i never managed to to do it well enough. I summon burls and skeletons and i manage to get by well enough. I used so many elifs.


I just used paladins to form a circle around me. Works well.