My students are equipping any item they want


My students have found a way to equip any item they want, and use it even when submitting their code. Now a group of them are cheating. They don’t actually own the item, but they are able to use it in levels, even when submitting code.

First, in google chrome, scroll down the locked items and find one you want but can not afford. Right click the item and select inspect.

In the inspect window, edit the line above the current line. Change locked to say unlocked.

Close the inspection window, things look the same still.

Select some other item.

Then re-select the item you right clicked, it will now have a green equip button.

Click it an it becomes equipped. You may not officially have it, but you can now use it in levels to have huge health or shoot fireballs, even when you click submit.

If you unequip it you will have to do it all over again to re-equip it.

Can we please prevent this. It seems like equipment should be checked on the server side before it is equipped,

Kids play game like this to make it look like they have lots of gems and stuff, but they don’t really have lots of gems. However, I tried this myself and I was shooting fireballs, with a wand I never bought or earned. Even when I submitted my code.


Nice. Kudos to them for finding this. @maka should know what to do about it.


MunkeyShynes I need help with my code.


Do you already have a thread going for that? Let’s not cross threads. It makes the board messy and confusing.


@Gamestack This post is about a bug that I hope can be fixed. Please start a new post for your unrelated question. Thank you.


I’ll report this to the team.


@Mr-Borges - can you tell me a little more about how you’re using CodeCombat with students?


We are using code combat in free mode. My students use codecombat as individuals with individual accounts and they work at their own pace with me helping them as needed. I do not have a teacher account and none of them have student accounts.

I tried converting my account to teacher once, but I was no longer able to play codecombat that way, so I asked that it be converted back.

I have a lifetime subscriber account because I love codecombat and wanted to contribute.


I don’t know how to do this, but at my school the ‘developers tools’ or inspect is locked and you can’t use the cheat. I think they did this so that no one cheats on their online tests.


Thanks for the feedback. We’re always curious about how people are using CodeCombat.


@Mr-Borges You should lock inspect for your students.


I found a similar bug before that uses nearly the same way. I already reported it to @nick, so I think that you should too


Maka is the liaison for this board and he has already taken care of it. There is no need to summon anyone else. I’m sure that it’s on their endless list of items in need of attention.


I know, but I reported a similar problem before to nick, so I thought that maybe I should summon nick to take care of this bug and the other bug because both of them are html bugs


Agreed, my IT department has already disabled inspect for students.


We’re aware of this issue and are planning to fix it, but there are other issues that are more important and our priority currently.


Maybe I can try it next time;


I gotta say I really don’t like reading solutions like this. Canvas has a similar problem that allows students to read the test answers with inspect element. It makes no sense to me to have the most used tool (as reported by StackExchange survey of web developers) disabled in order to potentially allow finishing a level on, say, web development, oh the irony.

I understand the reasons behind it, but as I pursue actual educational projects and opportunities with my students I am constantly thwarted by the actual tool a professional would use being turned off. It literally shuts down the most relevant learning they could learn in this regard. It’s just very frustrating—especially when—in every case—it is to make up for radically bad software design.


I should add that rather than shut down inspect element we do the exact opposite. I have made sure every student I have knows how to hack to get free stuff and used this to illustrate just how bad this type of software design issue is. They, in turn, have been telling everyone in their peer groups also how to do it. Nothing they are doing is illegal or even unethical. Quite the opposite, this is a priceless lesson in security and the importance of good software design.


in which, will basically invite them to get free stuff you are supposed to get after coding, and later they’ll find out how to finish a level without doing any code. I’ve found out how to do it, and you can expect them to learn that quickly.

I think that codecombat should make the ways to get it done for “free” in inspect more complicated, so that at one point they would just give up on trying to get things without learning anything.