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New ideas for any future code combat stuff

type in any ideas for the future code combat

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A replayable for kelvintalph glacier

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they don’t have a replayable for tht place yet?

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no :sob: :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: (post must be complete sentence)

well that sucks(20characters)

lets make some ideas

  • kelvintalph brawl
  • kelvintalph treasure
  • kelvintalph siege
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Another thing that would be cool is if they have a new ogre for that place like an ice ogre that freezes anyone who is hit by it for 2 seconds

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or flame ogre when the ogre attack you get flame damage for 5 seconds

yeah thats a good one @CODEBOY2

can you make the stats @CODEBOY2

good for the volcano world