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New ideas for any future code combat stuff

they don’t have a replayable for tht place yet?

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no :sob: :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: (post must be complete sentence)

well that sucks(20characters)

lets make some ideas

  • kelvintalph brawl
  • kelvintalph treasure
  • kelvintalph siege

Another thing that would be cool is if they have a new ogre for that place like an ice ogre that freezes anyone who is hit by it for 2 seconds


or flame ogre when the ogre attack you get flame damage for 5 seconds

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yeah thats a good one @CODEBOY2

can you make the stats @CODEBOY2

good for the volcano world

how about a flame paladin or witch that could cast flame armor

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or a earth ogre that has the same affect as earthskin

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how about new heros? and when is illa and ursara coming out ?

maybe a hero you can make yourself in CoCo


I’m not sure, hopefully soon

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I thought illa was supposed to come out in 2018 :frowning_face:
How much does ursala cost (im saving my :gem:s for her)

All of Illia’s moves are coded and ready, but the art for one of them is slightly buggy, so she’s probably going to be released next year. Also, if the plans didn’t change, the price for Illia is 16000 gems.

how about the price of ursala? and does fixing buggy art take a year?

Maybe, there’s other things like Ozaria now, so development may be slow. Ursara is expected to be 25k.

maybe they could have a function were yo can sell items that you dont need later like the boss star 1 after you get the boss star 2

:money_mouth_face: that would give you too much money and then the game would be boring