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Well hello here :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello @Emidoge , Lets talk here


Alrighty What do you think Boruto…


nice to see 2 fans of the same topic meet.


Its cool. But Naruto is way better. But that could change. I mean i only saw the first episode


The Naruto theme song Yeeaaa!


Other than Naruto, Kakashi is my second favorite charecter @Emidoge


OMG just figured this out. The items that are not released are in the shop. they are just hidden. I am getting closer on how to get those items




I’ve tried inspect/console, but whenever I try purchasing it, it updates and doesn’t purchase. I’m sure codecombat is smarter than that. Inspect is for when devs try to temporary change to see and add/remove stuff, to test it before actually changing the actual script.


Man then why was i messing around trying to make it update (well it did but that did not do everything then i gave up after 1 whole hour tinkering)


Is this better

def onSpawn(e):
    while True:
        i = Math.random()
        i = i * 3
        i = Math.round(i) 
        # Find and fetch a "potion":
        random = ["All hail EnderLord832!", "Kill them!", "I know you can do it !!"]
        # Find and fetch a "potion":
        pet.moveXY(hero.pos.x, hero.pos.y - 20)


why is it onSpawn(e)


Does it make a difference?


Well okay it’s better but still why

also the code doesn’t work if i >= 5/6


So what would i do t make it better. Shoild i put 4 or something


it is giving me this error and phase shift is not working


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