Nitro Math Chatting [Please Delete]

Hello, welcome to the new nitro math chat.

There’s already a topic for nitro math

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But I want to make my own. Thanks!!! :birthday:

pls don’t make repeat topic its against the rules

But I didnt now dat …

its fine just don’t do it again

Here’s the page with the rules on it:

Also welcome to the codecombat discourse! (seeing as you never got welcomed sadly) :tada:

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oh sorry i should have welcomed him

It’s fine. I also didn’t see that he never got welcomed until I checked his activity when he said he wasn’t familiar with the discourse rules page.

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Its fine it is okay nobody worry

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Also search for Hotwheels chat it is mine

if u want to you do not have to

How do you end a chat cause I dont want to go against the rules

Ok lets quit going against the rules lets just end this and I prefer Hotwheels chat!!! It is my chat.!?

Unfortunately the creator of the topic can’t close it. Idk if we should ping a mod about it though

Lets chat on hotwheels chat

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END CHAT this is the END closed chat