No Arena Award After Simulating

Some occasions, when I beat the basic fighting arena in the Forest world, I don’t get the reward for winning. The map shows that I beat the level, but the rewards are greyed and I do not get my achievement. My theory is that there is an issue with the Simulate feature, as this tends to happen during and after I simulate games. If this bug could be fixed, I would respect that, otherwise if it’s not possible to fix, I’ll just try doing multi player levels before simulating.

Yeah, it is a bug that I have on the list somewhere to fix. It’s not related to simulating games but rather how the basic awards are set up for level completion on these arenas.

I just noticed that I was not simulating at all and I was on Blue Team. This always happens when i’m on blue team it appears. I wish I knew what team I would be on before starting the duel.

wait no I think its doing that so that you cant just grind infinite gems

I just realized this always happens when i’m on blue team, so either that has to get fixed or is there a way I can change team? (I only need to change team before First AI, when you get to forest world and you unlock Dueling Grounds, I only care about getting the reward from the level itself.)