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Now you can't beat savern brawl


I can’t beat that level the second time because a brawler is appearing. 851 health knights cannot beat a brawler
Please help?


A samurai with 870 health can. It was probably less than that as I don’t think I got my latest armor upgrade until after I beat that level.


This is a link to the winning strategy.



As mentioned a few times, we like to help. You have to consider though that all of us don’t monitor this forum 24 hours a day. You can expect to get an answer in 24 hours, though this might depend on your problem (if it needs an admin, it can need longer, because there are not many admins).

From the timestamp on your posts, I can see that all have been submitted about 8h ago, in a relativly short time-frame.

8 hours ago, it was 5 o’clock in the morning for me. 5 AM is a time at which I usually sleep. 5 AM is not a time at which I usually hang out and answer posts.
San Francisco (the place where nick works) is about 6 hours behind me. I can imagine that, as a hard working person who deals with this game already his whole work-day, finds something else to do at 23:00 (11 PM).
I don’t know from the top of my head where the others live, but I know that the active members are spread across the whole world. If no one answers directly, it is either because no one who is currently active knows an answer, or the person who could answer is currently not active.

Please stop excessive calls for help. They do nothing for the conversation, but instead clutter the thread and make it hard for future users of this forum to gain any useful information.
During one day, you opened up a lot of new topics, which I (tried to) answer noce and friendly, even though the threads lacked quality. It is no problem (to me) if you don’t know how to post a good post. I once started in a forum and immediatly received 3 flags because I signed the post with my nickname (which apparently was against the forum rules). I learned from this, and started to quick-read the forum rules for every forum I join so I don’t run in another faux-pas.

What I can’t stand is excessive ignorance of hints to improve the quality of your posts. Here a short list again of things you should do before opening a new thread:

  1. Search the forum! If the level is not brand-new, your question has most likely been asked before. Use different combinations of words which all describe your problem. If at first you don’t succeed, rinse and repeat.
  2. Describe your Problem! Saying “Level is bugged, help me” ensures that you’re answer will need longer. A good post should contain an accurate description of your problem, any error message, what you have tried to solve the problem and possibly a screenshot, if the problem is hard to describe with words.
  3. Often, if you try to understand the error, the solution will jump right at you. Try to read your code as fluent text. Ask yourself: “If there is an enemy and this enemy is above me and the enemy is below me… Wait, thats it!” Sometimes you (and me and everybody else) mix up some code. Usually, going from top to bottom and think the conditions, method-calls ect. through helps to solve the problem. The best help you can ever get is the one you provide yourself
  4. Indent your code! I would say half of all code-problems posted in this forum are somehow related to un-/wrongly indented code. And this is not only because most players use Python. JavaScript-Code with wrong identations is hard to read. You accidently skip the closing bracket of a while loop, and immediatly you think that the following code is inside the loop when it is not. I recommend the de-facto-standard of 4 whitespaces per indentation-level.
  5. Be patient! Most of us don’t get paid to monitor this forum (though some would like to be paid… maybe next time). Therefore we spend our free-time on this. As I spend my time on other things as well (sleeping for example), an answer can need a few hours.
  6. Be friendly! That should explain itself, and doesn’t really concern you. It is here just for completness sake.

Endangered Burl!

Regarding your problem with this level:
The very descritption of the level states that it gets harder. Otherwise it yould be a simple Gem-pressing machine, and the whole gem-buisness would become obsolete. And one way to get harder is to introduce more and/or stronger enemies.


I can only assume that your making 12 post in less than 1 hour complaining about no one helping you is a joke, but its not a funny one. If its not a joke, then try having some patience. People aren’t going to sit here and constantly monitor the forums to be able to respond instantly to cries for help.

Now as to your original question, Mr_Berg’s advice is both hilarious and very true. Run away until the time runs out. You only need to stay alive, not kill everything.


Then don’t play that level. Problem solved. It’s a repeatable that gets harder and harder. nobody can BEAT it. it will go forever and is impossible by design for everybody eventually. You just need to improve your code and strategy

The brawls obsoletness

I edited my post in the first so it won’t stick out like a Multi-merge thing

(That’s quite ironic, right?)

Oh yeah, I beat that level!
I took some hard work.

Answer to Post 4 by J_F_B_M

But my topics are never like

*(Editors Note: That link is not working. It is missing the post number, which in this case is 1710. Correct link is: What are you supposed to do in the siege of stonehold?)

Answer to Post 4 by J_F_B_M

I always expect to get an answer in 24 hours but I don’t always do.

Answer to Post 7 by Sotonin

Its only on the second time. I think I can beat it the second time… maybe not the 6th or 7th time… I could improve my code.


Sorry for continuing…
It’s just a typo @J_F_B_M
You typed ‘which I (tried to) answer noce and friendly, even though the threads lacked quality.’