Opinion: Is Programming About Googling or Not?

Is programming simply just:

  • using what you know and googling what you don’t know and cobble what you’ve found together (without being a plagiarist)


  • learning, mastering and revising everything and put together what you know and being original about everything you present to the world.

What do you think?


I think programming is (of course) using what you know and what you don’t know (googling) and making your code easier to understand and simplier and faster. So you can write a good code on umm for example 1000 lines but you can make it better and delete lines that you maybe don’t need or combine 2 lines for one line, etc.


So it’s about simplifying your code, while making as simplistic and easy to understand as possible? Nice idea, although it’s good to note that not all code needs to be as extremely short as possible - it took 2.5 million lines of C to program the Curiosity rover. So not all code is very simple.

They still definitely simplified the code. It’s just that the original algorithm was gigantic.

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I meant that @PeterPalov mentioned that if you had 1000 lines of code then you could delete some unnecessary bits. But I think that’s a very important skill though, to be able to simplify code.

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