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Post your new levels here!

Can’t access it. It seems like you forgot to publish it. :man_facepalming:

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Fixed :+1: (2000000000)

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Impossible :confused: u should test it

I recommend increasing Okar’s damage and/or health.

I’m doing both. I’m going with @Chaboi_3000’s idea.

is it copyright if I make a level using based off another game?

Maybe if you credit it. :slight_smile:

what if an employee of the company happens to in codecombat and then sues me. (that was a joke)

Then don’t risk it. I’m not your lawyer, so I dunno.

you could see zanna’s ability in the level maker

I know, I created all of them. :slight_smile:

how do you put set code in there?
as in, how do you put code which is there before the player plays?

You make a new component and code it.

(20 edits later lol)

Meh idk I took an hour but its still a bit meh-y

Edit: Okay, I just fixed it!
What you have to do is you have to command the peasants to explode themselves while at the same time fending off the robobomb. It has infinite damage, but only 180 health.

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I saw all the levels. Some are awesome, but when i try to make a level i can only spawn:

  • soldiers
  • archers
  • munchkins
  • throwers
  • shamans
  • ogres
  • ogre’f

(And heroes duh)

But i want to spawn much more! :frowning:

we’re talking about level editor, not a level in game dev

use a function with unit.attack(player) in a loop