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Purpose of clans?


Hey there,
maybe i am missing something but if not i am really wondering what the purpose of clans for online users is.
As far as i know there is no private message system on the website, only on the forums, but the accounts seem not to be linked. Also there is no dedicated forum section (without creating a topic) or chat room or anything like that to contact other clan members.
So if there is no interaction, what is the clan for then?


Agree with you, and I believe this is an incomplete feature at the moment. I too would like to communicate with my clan members using a dedicated forum, but I bet a design for this is still being implemented.


I think the current sole purpose of clans is for the Chieftain (and members) to be able to see the progress of all the members. This would be used in situations such as a teacher keeping track of their students online. That’s pretty much the only function of clans right now. Any communication between members would have to be done through some other means.


It is right that there is currently no in-clan communication system. We have recently decided to allow the usage of this forum as communication-platform until a more advanced system is in place.

Currently this system is at best in concept phase which also means that it can need input from the future user base (yes, that is you). If you would like to see special features now is the best phase to suggest them.


Within each clan page, there should be an +New Topic button much like in these forums. Anyone in a clan can post within the clan topics, and it’s a flat list of topic titles. When a user clicks on topic titles, bring them to topic thread. Clan leaders should have the ability to pin topics such as welcome messages.

By default, emails should be sent out in a daily digest format whenever new threads are posted to Clans, and there should be an option to subscribe to individual posts, or to altogether turn them off. Clan topics can be excellent means of communication by classrooms!

On the more secure end, clan leaders should be able to disallow clan members or ban them from posting in clan forums for reasons such as spamming.