Question about survival levels and "advanced" code

Hello :slight_smile:
I would like to ask about the best way to discuss survival levels and ideas for tactics in order to beat them with fellow players, but my main concern is - well… code. Posting code would ruin fun for so many people, so that’s not the way to go about it, for sure, but what’s the best way to discuss and/or talk about advanced functions or usage of some abilities on forums? Would love to hear your opinion! I’d like to share some general tips for those who are struggling and need a bit of help, as well as ask few questions those who are much smarter to learn something new! :wink:

Well, if you want to talk about specifics of Python (or other) language, I think posting code is appropriate, but then it should be examples where the code is really just doing something general to demonstrate the syntax or features of a language.

If you want to talk about general game strategy, then I think that can be discussed in sort of general terms and leave the details of how one would actually implement that strategy or tactic up to the reader. Most of the levels pretty much give you the solution, leaving maybe a few small steps out. But a few of the levels basically just describe what you need to do and leave it up to you to write the code to get it done. These are the more interesting levels.