Reloading tutorial messages

Is it possible to reload the tutorial messages that pop up in blue in the first levels? I found that once the messages disappear, because I clicked “ok”, it is not possible see the tutorial messages a second time. I think it would be nice that if you press the reload button on the top right it would display any tutorial messages again. Maybe tutorial messages could even be reloaded whenever the level is played again (or the page is refreshed), especially for the first few levels.

This came up when I was translating a level and wanted to make sure I got the tutorial messages right.

you have to reset the code. when you do. hold shift while you press the reset button

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Thanks, that works!

I think I had to hold shift while pressing the “reload all” button in the dialogue that pops up after clicking the reload button.

In the second level gems-in-the-deep there is supposed to be a message

“Type a moveDown command on line 4”

For me, only the yellow arrow pointing to line 4 appears. Only after waiting for quite a while does the actual message appear. This also happened in other levels. I will test things on a faster computer to see if this makes any difference.

Ah, right. It only shows that message if the player doesn’t do anything for a while, to help unstick them. We don’t want to give away the code so easily if the player starts trying to figure it out.

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