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Request: Removing the mention of meters in methods' descriptions


This is the fourth time I request this.

Methods like this.moveRight() have descriptions that mention meters.

This is confusing. I myself had to do trial and error to get past the first level for the first time. Describing the distance with measure units like meters is not helpful at all.

I suggest:

  • Introducting the player to the coordinate system and the coordinate-revealing mouse-hover function as early as possible (it isn’t even in the guide for the first level!)

  • Change the descriptions to mention coordinates instead

Why are you devs taking so long to do this? It’s been kind of a long time since I requested this for the first time.


Hi Cyxag,

I don’t remember this suggestion in particular, but we get an awful lot of feedback and have a great many things to work on and test besides; making a game simply takes time. Regarding this issue in particular, we have on our todo to make it so you can see distances during gameplay, so that things like ‘5 meters’ can be seen. In terms of introducing the coordinate system earlier, we can only introduce so much in the first level, so we push that off until later, since things like the play button and how the code interacts with the game is very important to focus on.

If you’d like, you can fork the level in the editor and set up a level the way you’re thinking. We want to make it possible to try lots of different approaches, and the platform is very flexible to allow that (albeit still heavily in development).