Restricted long sword? - level: Mad Maxer

Why is the ```‘long sword’ ` restricted?

You are instructed to kill things far away first but, Long Sword --> “cleave” --> mass close kills.

So, I would guess the level never actually checks to see if you really did kill them in the order specified, only that you survive (and surviving is harder when you kill the units that attack from a distance last.)

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I only have a little amount of 851 health.

That is more health than I have, and I can finish the level if I kill stuff as directed (farthest first) but not if I kill closest first…

This got me stuck for a bit at this level, since I thought only the Simple Sword was available.

I did not buy any sword since the Long Sword was enough till there and therefore I was dubious whether it would be allowed to use another sword.
I ended up buying a Kithsteel Blade which largely made the trick but turned out to be a bit of a hard decision as I barely had enough gold to buy it.

In CodeCombat, I once checked your health in dueling grounds, your health was 1000 something.
Yay; I beat this level!!!