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Roblox! Wanna be friends? Username: LSong1003

anyone up for some roblox @Lydia_Song @stefan_grecu

later ok

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anyone one wanna play in 1 and a half hours later?

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Does anyone play tower of heck (not gonna say nono word)


I used to, but I forgot my roblox username xD

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yes but i dont’ play roblox anymore caus ei lost my main and i dont’ wanna play on a alt

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Ive been playing on my 3rd acc alll this time

somebody wanna play roblox? if you wanna play this is my username: stefansamurai123

my username is redtback_spider
send me a friend request

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@Lydia_Song ok, i sent you a friend request instead myself

ok, but I’m clearing out my friend request every once in a while for those who are not active on roblox so