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Roblox! Wanna be friends? Username: LSong1003

My Roblox Username is NoobAtRoblox7263 and I play Dungeon Quest and Jailbreak!

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I would definitely play it! There aren’t a lot of coding games on Roblox so …

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Lydia do you play Jailbreak? If yes how much cash do you have and what car’s do you have? I just wanna know.

I used to play, now, not so much. I think i have 10k+ and i dont have a lot of cars

oh lol. I have 100k+ with lambo and other bad cars lol

:0 thats impressive
why 20 chars

20 characters()())()

there is a game on roblox called: Lua Learning

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i have cyber truck lambo the heli above bank and alot of cars around the map so i can get away when i lose my car. and i have like 50 k

Yea but it hasn’t updated in a while


ok, but since when did it now update

can somebody play?

I will tell you when my favorite is adopt me I have a fly ride cat my dream pet is fly ride uni

What’s Roblox? I think I’ve heard about it, but I don’t know what it is.

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It is a online game my user is: ilovecookie12355

This is the topic for roblox, not prodigy. So please ask to play on the prodigy topic. Thanks!

This should be in the Roblox topic I think. @Deadpool198, could you please merge this topic?


Who like playing adopt me?