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Roblox! Wanna be friends? Username: LSong1003

But I play anime fighting simulator, blox fruits, king legacy, and anime dimension it’s all anime lol

What ur username?

who wanna 1v1 in arsenal?

I made

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oh well im kinda new to roblox so i don’t really have any friends. i found the game Bee Swarm Simulator i thought it looked like a good game but i haven’t really tried it or any games yet. my user is: Wolfdragonnotfound

Try ninja legends and when I’m able to play again I’ll give you a big boost (by giving you the best pets in the game (that are not from packs)). xD

I play blox fruits is one piece anime based

I play Friday night funkin remix and vesteria

Cool! (havent checked them out tough ill try! (wow! another parenthese how many of these can i get in one message?)I cant play at weekdays(need to get my grades up((i know your all tired of paretheses)Btw can you help me make my story game?(im not very good at lua :frowning_face: (and another for good mesure)))))

Coder is banned, he can’t see that message.

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