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Robot-walkers have no class


In kelvintaph-burgler I couldn’t find robots neither by findByType nor with either of self.findEnemies and self.findItems. In thang editor, these robots’ class is shown as “”, though it is impossible to find thangs with this type.


Robot Walkers are type "robot-walker".

What’s probably happening is that the robot walkers aren’t actually present until after the first frame, so initially on level load findByType("robot-walker") returns an array of length 0, while after that there are two items in the array. (It’s somewhat annoying to deal with, though.)


I need help on kelvinaph burglar.


Hello, csd. Here at Discourse we do not respond to questions such as “I need help!” and “Stuck on level, please fix”. Please explain what is wrong with your code.


Endercore79 :wine_glass:


I got stuck on the part where you destroy the robot overlords. I used flags and destroyed them, but I think that there should be code that helps you beat the robot overlord part. Plus the gates are not opening when I destroy both of them.


Your primary objective is not to destroy the robot walkers. Once the chieftain and the witch have been killed, the gates open. Your hero’s job is to avoid the walkers’ projectiles until then.


Thanks for telling me