Selling Unwanted Items

I know it’s on the to do list, but I’d like to reiterate the importance of selling items. If you make the wrong purchases early on, it can make the game unplayable. I believe this causes a lot of people to quit, especially the Hour of Code kids.

My kids turned me on to Code Combat after learning about it through Hour of Code at school. At first they were excited about it. Now, they would rather be doing something else. When I asked why they weren’t playing anymore, They both said they were stuck on a level and couldn’t go any further. It turns out that they spent all there gems one stuff they didn’t need yet, like mahogany glasses, engraved wrist watch, softened leather boots, etc… Now they’re at a level that requires better armor and have no way to get it. Younger kids (mine are 10 and 12) aren’t good at saving money, especially when they don’t know they need to.

I don’t have age for an excuse and I ended up wasting my gems too. I would save up and buy the next set of armor available that I could afford. I even bought the sharpened sword about a level before unlocking the long sword. I ended up creating a new account with another email address. I got by with just the tarnished bronze breastplate until I could afford the painted steel one.

Without a way to sell your items, your only options are to create a new account, buy gems, or buy a subscription. Not everyone can/wants to set up another email account just for this game. Also, when a game traps you’ at a point where you can’t progress, you’re unhappy with it and are more likely to just quit than pay your way out.

Having said all that, I really enjoy Code Combat and have became a subscriber myself. On my second account I got to the final levels available and decided to subscribe because I was having fun and wanted access to the additional levels. The extra gems didn’t hurt either. I’ve been encouraging others to try it out. It’s just hard to defend when they ask why they can’t sell the items they don’t need.

Some of the problems could be avoided by locking items from being purchased until they are covered/needed. Some sets of armor could be removed as well, at least for the warriors. You go from hardly needing any armor to needing 300+ health. The polished brass, rusted iron and heavy iron armor don’t seem to be needed. If you buy these, you won’t have enough gems left to cover the 300+ health recommendation At the very least some sort of buying/strategy guide could be given to the Hour of Code kids.

I guess that’s it for my rant. I just want to see Code Combat do well. It’s been like telling your friends about a favorite movie, then finding out half of them turned it off halfway through.


You are so right! Both selling items and tuning the item pacing so you can’t accidentally buy the wrong stuff are very near the top of our list, along with reducing the difficulty on some of the levels that function as gear checks and making other ways to get gems when you need them. I will be really happy when we have solved this problem and no one gets stuck like this any more.


hmmmmm. I am 10 and I have 2134 gems saved up on my account, and I only make super cheap purchases and am on siege of stonehold

i have the same issue, please reset my gold so i can buy the things again

The game has changed a lot since my first post. At the time, there were only a handful of the current levels and none that were repeatable. The added levels gave us enough gems to get back in the game.

This issue still exists, which is disappointing given that the original topic is more than a year old. It may be possible to get additional gems now, but this is frustrating for kids trying to learn to code who want to progress with their currently level and have spent all their gems.

In my case, I suggested buying the most expensive sword they could afford (which I thought would be more economic in the long run). Turns out, the level does not permit using that. So now they are stuck at a level they cannot complete. An easy solution to at least avoid part of the problem would be to not show items in the shop until you have access to at least one level that permits using that item. A preview of whether or not you will be allowed to use an item before buying it would also be very useful.


I know it’s been almost 2 years since someone replied, and 3 years since the topic was made, but is the selling item function almost done?

sigh @Seojin_Roy_Lee probably not any time soon.

They said it’s on top of their list 3 years ago. And it’s not done yet.

Chances are that:

  1. It got put further down the list
  2. It’s very hard to code
  3. The devs forgot about it
  4. The devs are all on vacation
  5. Devs are focusing on other stuff

Yeah probably one of the above.


It’s going to be 1, 2, 4(0.125 of them) and 5, on heroes.

? what do you mean? (20. chars)

All I see in this thread are people complaining about something that’s free not providing enough free stuff. Really? How about supporting Code Combat by purchasing some gems? Five minutes and twenty lousy dollars later you could be unstuck. Don’t have 20 dollars? Go do some chores and earn it. 20 dollars is not much and could be easily earned in an afternoon. Can’t get your parents to use a credit card? Then tell them all you want for your birthday/Christmas/whatever holiday is a chance to learn programming.

There isn’t another game in existence where you don’t eventually reach a point that you cannot progress further or remain competitive unless you start spending money. At least with this one, you actually learn something useful.


Christmas and New Year has a 3 day difference each.

Actually, I just paid for the subscription for 100 dollars (sweet!) and I just got a bunch of new, better stuff than the stuff that I already had. Do you think you could code in the game something to at least get rid of your items for half price? Or even nothing? Because now I have a bunch of clutter that I don’t need that’s making my inventory difficult to manage.

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But I still recommend selling items.

You can complete this level with less than 200 hp.
Mine is 193 hp.
Just don’t rush at enemy to prevent death and u should counter a shaman and 1 ogre.get heal that kill shaman that at last ogre

Yeah,but still some repeatable levels get hard and mabye u still have got sticker but the armors
Most of them gets a lot more hard than last stage

you just gotta change your technique, I’m on the siege of stonehold
With items that i got for free

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We could change our techniques…but nearly everyone wants to be able to sell items.


finally someone talk here again

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from @enPointe77 Maybe you can do about 2 levels to test it, and if you don’t like it you can sell it for full price. But after 2 levels, you can sell it for half the price.

But this offer is only for the first time you buy.You still can sell it with full price by not using it in stage after the first time u buy.
You cant sell free stuff or a limited stuff(such as holy sword)

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