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Short-sighted Burl level help


It worked! Brilliant! So glad to know it wasn’t me going crazy. Thank you very much for sorting that out. My OCD can be happy that I’m don’t have a level that never got done.

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Thank you for the feedback. Without it I would not have fixed it and other players would have problems with that level.

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Had some trouble with this one mostly because I didn’t know the command to move to a target’s position. If you could add that in to a previous level, I think it’d make it a lot easier.

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Yep, it should be moved further. Now it’s in “adventure” mode and you don’t have to solve it.

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I did the same thing and it doesnt work!! Also the link you posted isnt working too…

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Could you explain this? What did you do and what doesn’t work?

Could you give a screenshot? I checked it again.

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if you mean this link:

try this one instead

You will need to be logged into to be able to play the level. If you are just logged into you wont see your character in It will be as if you are playing without log gin in.

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I cant understand where the problem is! For the link @Harry_the_Wanderer help me!! Thank you for your help!!

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Your hero should always return at the start point. In your code the hero returns only if an item there. Be careful with indents in Python.


The solution may work for Python, but nothing seems to be working for JavaScript.

The hero only makes her way back to the starting X (described as “green”, but it looks red to me) with the addition of an ‘else’ half a dozen times (or so), however once she finds coins in the left chest, she tries to make her way straight to the right chest and gets offed by the burl.

Without the ‘else’, she goes to the left chest, then straight across to the right chest, whereupon death-by-burl occurs; she doesn’t go back to the starting X.

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For the first case you return ONLY if an item there. For the second case you return if there is NO item. But you need to return for BOTH cases.

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Im having some trouble as well. My code seems to work, but the burl just follows me and kills off the first villager it sees, and then naturally I loose.

I move to the left chest first, to find nothing and return.
I move to the right chest after, find a coin, move to the coin. Then my hero pauses for a second, allowing the burl to move in. Then I head back to start and continue walking towards left again. However this is the point where the burl just follows me and kills the first villager in the right path.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

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Try to remove line 9.

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@Bryukh added a LUA patch

LUA code patch for - Forest - Short-sighted Burl - posted intro/ overview / and default code

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Sadly, exactly the same happens. In essence the code works - it does what it’s supossed to do, but it just pauses after taking the coins.

EDIT: Fixed it. My code has 2x the X coordinates for the coin, instead of X and Y. Doh!

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# Collect coins and run lest the burl will find you.

# Write the function "checkTakeRun" with one parameter.
# If the item exists, take it.
# Move to the start point (the green mark) whether the item or no.
def checkTakeRun(target):
    if target:
        hero.moveXY(target.Pos.x, target.Pos.y)
    hero.moveXY(40, 12)
# Don't change this code.
while True:
    hero.moveXY(16, 56)
    item = hero.findNearestItem()
    hero.moveXY(64, 56)
    item = hero.findNearestItem()

i dont know what wrong with mine it wont let me do anything

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this is what it says when i try to do the level

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Pos --> pos

The case is very important.

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I would recommend using Pender Spellbane as your hero as it can move faster. That is, of course if you have subscribed and bought her. I used her and succeeded.


Hi Bryukh,

I am having the same problem, the code looks right and I try using clear cache and direct link to play the game and still incomplete toward the end he just chase my villager, I have speed boot +2.5 with 31%20AM Any help is appreciated. Thanks!