[Solved] Got dev environment working, but godmode and admin can't be toggled on. ;(


Finally, I’ve got the dev environment working! But I’ve saw that I can’t toggle the admin or godmode nor use the test credit cards for gems, is there a way to fix this? I’ve sent this report to the codecombat slack, but I’ll also be waiting here. @stephanie, can you help me?


Oh is this how you got your Boss Star V and Morning’s Edge and all those admin items?


I said god mode doesn’t work, the hosting of the local host works great, but the proxy settings got a bit crazy, and btw the hosted account doesn’t link to your own codecombat one, I’m just testing a few things out in I localhost. Somehow webpack command doesn’t seem to be downloaded in npm even though, I guarantee I downloaded it a billion times.


I think there’s an internal bug in code combat’s repository, because I downloaded all of it and ran it with the proxy settings


Just got a message from Matt and Nick saying that they disabled it.


rip admin items oof


Still I have the items.


@Chaboi_3000 why “still”? So you did obtain those items via god mode?


No(twenty characters)