[SOLVED] Slalom-Can't move, but can jump

You can win the level Slalom using JumpTo. You can’t move with moveXY.

In the level you should use the move() method, not jump.



This is a bugs thing.

What part of it? You can not use moveXY() because this level wants you to be more familiar with the move() method that is more effective.

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I did use the move method. I’m just saying CodeCombat has a lot of cheats.(You can see that on my profile. I wrote it there.)

I also finished it…

… In the proper way.

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Using jumpTo is cheating, like @AnSeDra said the point was to learn the move method same as in crag tag you don’t use flags (the first time i got stuck on crag tag i actually got so frustrated that i tried killing pender with emperors gloves P.S it doesn’t work) :wink:

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