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Songs to share! + Random Star Wars stuff!


ok sorry lol (720587823743 character)


It’s okay bro. I’m single now. :frowning:


What happened? (20 chars)


Yo check out these songs:

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Cool. She kinda messed my life and made it hard on me and my family.


This is a good Mama song. Appreciating your family while you got them and all they’ve taught you.


Dang. I’m sorry about that dude.


It’s okay man. Thanks. This may be to much info, but I’m probably better off now.

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Are we allowed to talk about anime here?

If so, here’s a link from CBR. I like his videos.


Naw bro I feel you. I had a similar situation a week ago. I like that video btw


Thanks. This guy really knows a thing or two. Do you know Tech Star?


And it’s kinda hard. I uh, well, it wasn’t the easiest decision.


These are some lit songs:

:lion: :lion: :lion:
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Some more:

:lion: :lion: :lion:
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I listen to

Broadway :3

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lol i listen to Juice WRLD, xxxtentation, lil peep, lil skies, hasley, etc.

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wrong side of heaven by five finger death punch(sorry been inactive so long)
Video link


Welcome back! That’s a pretty intense song.
The comments of that video are depressing as though. :confused:
:lion: :lion: :lion:

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Welcome Back @I_can_rob_you! We haven’t seen you in for ever. How have you been?

I know how it goes. I was inactive for a year! Time flies.

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This is my morning song!!