Songs to share! + Random Star Wars stuff!


I yawned and turned it off about half way through. I thought it was boring.


WHAT?! What kind of music do you listen to then?


I love this sonngg!!! All the songs in Guardians of the Galaxy in the Awesome Mix are so good!!
I also like (it’s probably my favourite one): so much.


YESSS :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::call_me_hand:


Also, A special themed England World Cup song:
C’mon ENGLAAANDDDDD, this song is so hyping. ( if that’s a word)
This song makes me feel so patriotic it’s so good and we’re through to quarters.
(sorry this should probably go somewhere else but I can’t resist LOL)


I like all genres of music - from classical to hip hop and country to dub step - I listen to all kinds of music. I don’t have a favorite but prefer music with speed and power.


Yeah true it was a bit slow, I must admit i kinda skipped through it so maybe I just liked the bit I heard.
Have you listened to the England euros 96 song yet, it’s so good especially if you’re English and patriotic like I am, although I just realised most people here are American.
edit I just listened to Dracula and it is intennsee, Omgosh, and a little bit creepy, gosh, anyway I like I’m broken, it’s good.


Ha LOol I love the krusty krab remix the beat is so good!


One of my all time favorite guitarists. He is self-taught and can’t read music. Started playing when he was three or four. This song hits hard right around the 1:16 mark. He wrote this song when he was 17 and the album that contains this song was released when he was 18.


Fight club, heh?)) (lovely twenty glyphs)


As for movies, I like the Terminator 2 theme for it’s totally doomed desperation throughout all the time that theme plays and for theese metal sounds. And feeleng of hope in the end. Perfect embodiment of the film mood in music.


One of the greatest pieces of classical music ever written, this song has been used in MANY movies for the soundtrack…


One man and the guitar)
Estas Tonne - The Song of the Golden Dragon


Wow he’s so good! I really like the song as well.


I love Latin, I learn Latin and it’s really cool, I like the rhythm of that piece, it’s quite intense, it reminds me of Mars from Holst’s the planets( I like Jupiter the most).

Mars 00:00 - 07:20
Venus - 14:40
Mercury - 18:38
Jupiter - 26:11
Saturn - 35:25
Uranus - 41:09
Pluto - End.


A piece of classic I like.

And a piece of humour about it)

Well, one more of that kind, about novadays music.


I never paid much attention to K-POP until I heard this song.


One more classic melody I like is Vivaldi’s Concerto No. 4 in F minor, Op. 8, RV 297, “Winter”
in different variations. Here is a little bit metal one:

Power, passion, drive - Vivaldi knew how to make music rocks)


OMG i have been away for 5 days and there has been so many songs!


Definitely heard it in lord of the Rings