Songs to share! + Random Star Wars stuff!


This is such a good theme song


Well here it is


OFC that song is lit :wink:


I play the trumpet and I played that and other John Williams themes with my wind band, it was really cool.


Yea i know @Chaboi_3000


Our band had to play the star wars theme song, but I’m kind of jealous of the trumpets because they get the best part. As a tenor sax, I only get the lower part lol. BTW what do u play @Deadpool198?


LOL i used to play the electric guitar


until i lost it somewhere LOL :joy:


I am so mad. I was number 1 in harrowland now i am 81! Even though it says i lost to some people. but when i click on the defeat the blue i defeat them easily


IKR, IDK why this happens. ;(


@Enderlord832 does the enemy have code error? (does it have the big red X symbol thingy under it)


If you’re asking what instrument, the trumpet, If you’re asking which bit, then yeah, because I play in a wind band then I do normally get most of the tunes and stuff especially with the star wars theme, and we played it so loudly it kinda sounded a bit obnoxious but also good. We also played the theme from E.T. and that’s fun to play as well, and the theme from Jaws, (these were all from the same John Williams collection). My sister plays the trumpet as well and she’s really really good, but because she plays classical music in a full orchestra she does get good parts sometimes but most of the time it’s just rests. (lol I just got a esc to close message on the preview thing that said: “You’ve written 22% of the comments in this topic, maybe it’s time to give someone else a chance to say something”. WHoops!)


Don’t worry, ranking number 1 in the ladder often takes about from 30 min to couple of hours (in cavern-survival at list, but don’t think it differs much for other ladders). As for defeat and win - yeah, it’s always annoying for me to look for the reason of loss and seeing my team winning. Try another browser, this often helps to see loss game.

And music)) This time I’d like to post some Guns N’ Roses. Cool music, nice
vocals, genius Slash guitar and pretty video - Don’t Cry.


yea (200000 lightsabers)


That is one out of the many that i win when i click to defeat them but it says i lost


Oh man, R.I.P. Same thing happened to me too. I need devs fixing this.


Yea i am already 190 even though i can beat almost everybody


Great one this is (Ima yoda LOL)




People should have more star wars songs