Songs to share! + Random Star Wars stuff!


I just put yoda in my backGround LOL



@Chaboi_3000 you said you like the Dark Side so i have a good one for you





stop spamming a bunch of likes using your other account, @DeathWarlock999


I did man. And @Chaboi_3000 does it too


He has another forum account? what is the name is of it?


Most of the people he “invited” are actually him


Only 1 was my friend. That I gave my account to. BTW you never answered me you stop liking yourself I stop liking myself.


I stopped liking myself


Me too, let’s stop arguing now and chill.


Yea lets chill (20 Kylo Rens coming for you)


Hello from the dark side


Yo, I just trolled a hoarde of noobs in solo, but unfortunately I was on 6 health and a guy killed me in a duel using a shotgun. ;(


Cool. I kina understand that. Only 700 xp to lvl 42!


You play Fortnite? And you are already at 42! Dang nice.


No i don’t play fortnite.:sob: I meant almost to lvl 42 in CoCo


Lol (20 frown faces)