Songs to share! + Random Star Wars stuff!


Ahhh, a mac. Usually macs are fixed by pouring warm milk on the keyboard and letting it dry in the sun. Hot cocoa works too. Don’t forget to delete your System Folder and then reboot to restore it. If that doesn’t work, use a sharpie to draw an “X” in the middle of the screen using a ruler from opposite corners of the screen. Once you’ve found the middle of the screen, put a phillips screw driver in the middle of the “X” and strike the screw driver handle firmly with a hammer. The keyboard should function properly again.


Aaah! That’ll destroy it! I kinda fixed it by smashing the back of the darn mac hard, the right shift key kinda half got loose which means i can never ever touch it…


And all this time I thought “brute force” was just for cracking passwords. LOL.


Guess there’s more to “brute force” after all…


Are you sure that you are a credible ambassador? You’re scaring me


Haha, Loool. That sounds just right.


(inserted evil laugh) :smiling_imp:


Please Chaboi, Use this ingenious method, i’m 100% sure it will work. wink wink


I’m sure it works. I’m sure it’ll succeed in destroying my mac. BTW, I spent a hefty $500 in fixing half my laptop, I really do not want to waste that.


Just a joke, just a joke, a little bit of sarkyness.


happy birthday @Minh


This makes me sad, :disappointed_relieved::cry:
It’s the world cup England song ( world cup 1984, but everyone (English) still listens to it now ).
And we got to the semi-finals (the first time for 37 years) and lost to Croatia who we just beat recently.
Oh and who saw England vs US in football. :grin::grin::grin:
:lion: :lion: :lion: this is the england football badgee ( apparently this word without the extra e isn’t allowed, probably because of the beef) as well.


Soccer, or football as you call it, never really caught on in the US. Having been to Europe and England several times, I’ve always been puzzled by the wild popularity of the sport. Soccer’s considered pretty boring here and only a small percentage of our population follow it. Baseball, which IMO is waaaay more boring, has a large following and I don’t get that either.


Sorry just read this but thanks to your advice,

This happeneddownload%20(5)

(It Worked) LOL :joy: :joy:


Is literally everyone here American?
:lion::lion::lion:, I’m just wondering, because it’s starting to seem so.
I went to a baseball match once and I couldn’t work out the scoring system, I would say it’s a bit like cricket in that it’s a game that’s kind enough running out of popularity because it’s so long. I dunno, what do you think?
Oh and what sports are popular in America, basketball and American football seem to be the most popular from the films I’ve seen.


I can tell by the way some people write that many here aren’t American. I really admire that so many people are able to learn programming in the English language when English is their second language. That must be pretty difficult.

Yes, American football, basketball, and baseball are the big sports over here. I don’t watch any of them. Hockey is the only team sport that is fast-paced enough to hold my attention for more than five minutes, but I’m not a huge fan or anything. I like individual sports since I surf and skateboard, but I’d rather do it than watch someone else.


I agree with MunkeyShynes, english is very hard compaired to some other languages(Not the hardest though) learning to code is hard enough in a language you know really well…

Sports realated, I love to watch the NFL a lot, hate college football, and don’t watch hockey a lot.


Sorry, I didn’t really make myself clear when I said that, although, I agree that it’s very hardworking of non-English speakers to to a coding language in English.
What I meant was (I know I didn’t say this at all): Are there any other non American native English speakers, pretty much just English people, like me?
All of the other regulars and moderators are American, I’m pretty sure, not that that’s a bad thing though, there could just be more Americans playing the game.
:lion: :lion: :lion:


On the menu today, munchkins, ogres, burls and… doors apparently.


yeah, they taste good.