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Songs to share! + Random Star Wars stuff!

wrong side of heaven by five finger death punch(sorry been inactive so long)
Video link


Welcome back! That’s a pretty intense song.
The comments of that video are depressing as though. :confused:
:lion: :lion: :lion:


Welcome Back @I_can_rob_you! We haven’t seen you in for ever. How have you been?

I know how it goes. I was inactive for a year! Time flies.

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This is my morning song!!

I’ve heard this music many times, I’m not quite sure why it plays to me:


Take a look at this site for the most popular coding language with the most job postings and the most money.

Click on this after you take a look at the link....

According to the site, Java has the most job postings in 2019…
However Ruby and Python have the greatest average salary. That’s pretty cool!

I was browsing youtube when I came upon this:

Marshmello himself commented “Great Job! [X_X]”

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Let’s keep it in the correct topic please.

I wanted to put it in this topic to advertise to more people my YouTube Channel. Sorry

Just note that advertising is not allowed in this forum.

So I can’t post my videos in the appropriate topic and encourage them to subscribe? Hellenar advertises her channel on her profile

Advertising in profile bios are totally ok. Advertising in topics are not supported.

Ok sorry. Am I able to create a YouTube related topic and share videos?

I’ll just do it in Discord. Nick doesn’t really want too many non-coco topics here.

Ok. Thx! Srry (20 chars)

Here’s one song I like a lot: