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probably going to be edited.


There is none (took me about ten seconds…just use ctrl+f guys! :wink: )


Guys stop spamming. Like seriously


Ok, goofy and fun … and on topic. Just spamming nonsense is no good. Please don’t.

If you want to dream up and post new additions to CodeCombat’s roster of heroes, have at it!


There is an extra s. In it.


This topic was made for funny codecombat heroes, not crazy spamming.


Today is my birthday!!! :grinning::grinning::grin::grin:


noticeably. congratulations.


Happy Birthday, @Enderlord832!:grinning::sunglasses::grinning:


YAAYYY HAPPY BIRTHDAY :click the video below:


Why rabbits?
(20 thingies)


I dont know lol XD’
(happy birthday)


:grinning::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::grinning: Rabbits are lucky animals.

BTW I am Groot.


Thank you guys!!! :smile: :smile:


Did you see the video XD
I am groot


yea it is so funny! :grin:


I am Groot.

(translated: Groot says Happy Birthday!)


I have this really cool code i wana share. But i need FULL credit. I have copyright :smile: .
Here it is. It will make your pet say stuff in a random order

def onSpawn(e):
    while True:
        enemy = pet.findNearestByType("munchkin")
        i = Math.random()
        i = i*2
        i = Math.round(i) 
        # Find and fetch a "potion":
        random = ["All hail EnderLord832!", "Kill them!", "I know you can do it !!"]
        # Find and fetch a "potion":
        pet.moveXY(hero.pos.x, hero.pos.y)


That’s some awesome copyrighted stuff!:sunglasses::sunglasses:


Thanks! @Anna :grin: