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I just names a random thing I didn’t know that cheez doodles actually existed.:laughing:


Is this topic just talking about random stuff instead of editing stuff with html. :laughing:


I didn’t know they existed.

well, then, read the title.


We dont really edit stuff anymore we just talk.


good point. (20 argh)


True, good point, they’re just different things, but how do American snacks taste “American”


Okay i just saw so many awesome stuff in the thangs section. Why don’t the developers add them?


cheez doodlessss.:cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese:


Are the best :cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese:


Okay :face_with_raised_eyebrow: but that did not answer my question


They are probably not finished with them yet.


Oh okay :smile:. I will be so excited when they come out. I think Nick had the fangrider staff once.I faced him and he totally killed me with it, so that means it is developed. Though why are they not releasing it if it is developed


I need a subscription for code-combat.


I need to buy ritic.


Actually he was Nalfar.


I might get one after I beat code-combat


What do you mean?:cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese:


He had nalfar and was summoning ogre fangriders with the staff of fangriders in the thangs


(20 cheeses :cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese: It is exactly 20 cheeses.


Oh ok hahaha (20)