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Oh yea HAPPY 300 COMMENT!!!




That staff is called Wyvern claw:

you used to be able to get it from the robot ragnarok level in the kithguard dungeons, but you can’t get it anymore, although quite a lot of people do have it not just Nick but I’m afraid I think It won’t come out again because they’ve already released it ages ago, same with the master sword which is sad because they’re both really cool :sob:


This is my favourite item on the thang list: Tauran Plate
The unstoppable bull spirit trapped in this armor lets the wearer regenerate minor injuries.


Actually that was until I saw these:
This legendary mail catches the wind as you run, speeding your strides.

This legendary coif catches the wind as you run, speeding your strides.

And all that’s left in the tasks is to release it in a subscriber challenge level:

What is the best armor?

Thor ragnorak came out of netflix. Yesterday…


Cool, apparently it’s quite good.


I watched it… It was the best


The flash season 4 also came out.


I’m watching that…


Oh, I didn’t think it looked that good, but I haven’t watched so I can’t say.


Awsome! @maka or someone else can we get it for robot Ragnarok again pls!


Im a sub so does that mean i can get it early @Deadpool198?


Ugh… How many times do I have to explain that the title says {SPOILERS FREE}?


I haven’t watched it. I thought it didn’t look good from the trailer, anyone can see a trailer I don’t have any information on the film itself that I could spoil.


The windwalker stuff? I think only subscribers can get it anyway, I think.


Watch The Flash it’s good.


What if the flash crossed into codecombat with the windwalker items?


then the main point of this topic will start running again.


Wait, is american netflix different from English netflix because we don’t have Thor Ragnarok on ours? (at the moment)