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Ok i will to go get that badge!


Yeah, I just looked at Chaboi’s badges and tried to do some of them just to get badges.


i set the preferences now how do i send an email?


I’ll send you a reply and look at it on your email and it should have it and you can just reply to it there.


Oh ok but don’t i have to do it on a post?


Umm, you don’t have to have the discourse open to reply via email you can do it seperately.


Yea can you tell me your email so i can send one to you or is there another way


There’s another way, The discourse has it’s own mail and if you’re on the discourse you have a discourse mail account. I use gmail so maybe you should get it if you don’t have it, it should automatically send you an email.
But only if you don’t look at the reply on the discourse so you have to leave and look at your email before you look at the discourse, I have to go now, sorry I can’t help you any more.


Ok who in here is @ru.die. I am so angry at him. He copied my code!


It’s @RobAnybody. IDK if he copies code, but ik he puts solutions in his master GitHub account.


You guys should tell him to stop. It’s cheating


Code for what level @Enderlord832? Hmm, that a bit weird. Did you take his code from Github?


Harrowland :slightly_frowning_face:


No i promise. I created it from scratch


Ok thats cheating, or the exact same code. If he is really cheating in codes, codecombat staffs will have to ban him, and if he’s just got the same code by coincidence(Very rare for multiplayer games), then no ban.


i can send you the code and you can compoare with his


Nah, idk his code so there is no way I can compare. Can you make a vid of what the code looks like when running and his code when running?
BTW, if he’s really cheating, then admin has to do this:


Announcement: @everyone, from this post, you can only talk about the spoiler free google editing. Those who post unrelevant posts will be marked as spam. Seriously, this is becoming a random chat, not a forum.


Ok sorry i will delete other posts


And they say pets can’t attack