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Guys i completed Robot Ragnarok 2 years ago. Why don’t i have the master sword


@maka would you know what is going on? Wasn’t Robot Ragnarok released aroung 2 years ago?


i can send you the code and you can compoare with his

My harrowland code starts with

class Game:
    summonTypes = ['paladin']
    excludeType = ['door', 'decoy']
    priorityType = []
    tacticks = {'skeleton': 'attack', 'paladin': 'defend'}

Well how do you check that it was the same?


Most of my code written by my own. @ru.die - not my character.


I battled you with the same code a bunch of months ago, and I thought it was @Enderlord832 copying, so sorry, @Enderlord832.

actually, there is a topic which explains that the pet attack, but does it on your own character. And it normally does it on wizards, but sometimes other characters too


The Master Sword was only given to people who beat the level by the end of May two years ago. It was a limited time contest.

Try not to put real questions in this very silly topic thread – they may not get noticed.


I don’t know what you’re referring to here, but let’s just talk generically:

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Could I make a new topic and say the random stuff we said in this topic in that topic?
I was just referring to when @Chaboi_3000 posting a screenshot of the total likes of his topic new ideas for ogres and heroes which was when we were trying to get loads of likes on this topic and we only had 538 and it was bit like: look my topic has more likes than that topic and I was saying that was off topic as well, but it doesn’t matter. You’re right ( of course ), sorry for saying that other thing I just wanted to have a topic where we could do that. Also could I change this topic to be a random chat as well as being a HTML editing topic or shall I make another one?


Feel free to create a topic called “Random nonsense” and post random nonsense there if you’d like.


IIM BACKKKK hahah hehehe


Better than ever!!!:smirk_cat:


Here is a simple one that I did


Here is a funny one!;-);-0




Thanks @Gamestack!! You too!!


Here is one more:


Here is another well fan based one:


Another Atlanta love one if you know what I mean. (Minus the Braves. They are good. I just don’t like baseball like that)


Nice job! Are the people you’re talking about sports teams?


Yeah man I’m a real sports guy so a lot of these html edits that I am playing around with are sportsy stuff!:smile: