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100 years later season 739 :rofl: finally


Could you join my clan. I wan’t like all of the regulars to be an my clan


Lol. I’m prob gonna buy the battle pass cuz the drift skin is lit.



@Enderlord832 what is your clan called.


HAHAHa LOL (2 lightsabers)


Can’t rn, cuz I’m on my iPad Pro


You already joined (lightsabers)


oh a long time ago I was the first :sunglasses:


Yea (200000 lightsabers. IT’S THE APOCALYPSE)


I wanted to friend you on Fortnite but when I saw the queue it said 40 minutes


Oh man thats crazy :laughing:


I have no idea why it takes that long?


I think because its the first day of season 5 so its lagging.


Since the servers are down and a lot of people still want to play the servers get overloaded and makes people wait in a queue. Since epic games had too many players they had a server shutdown. But still,


There are seasons in video games??? I am so confused sorry :sob:


I honestly don’t know either XD


Seasons are a kind of major updates, just that they are scheduled. They reset the battle pass every season, and add new items to the game, as well as new changes to Fortnite island.


And they reset your level :rage:


Lol, mine was 72 so yeah RIP me. I’m back to 8(No battle pass)