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Cute yetibab in my team.


Nah, Is that photoshopped? If it isn’t then plz tell me how I can get it cuz it is so cute!
btw I like the guy on your profile picture he’s cool.


I just saw the new ragnarok skin and it’s sick, I prefer it by far to the omega skin.
edit I just realised there was a 63 unread sign before I looked at this topic, Wow that’s more than 10% percent of the topic in 1 hour!


I like max drift better though.


The ragnarok is trash if you don’t have the skull


Is that the golf cart?


It’s the ATK, all terrain kart. It can go in water too


I think it looks really cool even on level 1, And I’ve seen the golf cart and it’s really good for outrunning the storm as well as being fun to drive


I’ll buy the battle pass for this season, and hopefully get max drift as well as the road runner skin(blockbuster skin) and might try getting ragnarok.


cool, I’m gonna look up what the road runner skin is.


I’m really crazy mad that moisty is gone because the prison is gone, and… the movie studios are gone!!


But there’s a desert now which kinda makes it better.
And how did you get the afficianado badge now because I’ve already visited 100 days but it doesn’t say I have it for some reason.


BTW it’s road trip not road runner XD


Oh that’s why nothing came up when I searched it. LOL


100 days in a row (20 crazy 24/7 posters)


Oh you need to visit 100 days In a row!
That’s insane!


Yep, it’s easy, once it becomes natural for you to check the forum every day 24/7


I don’t think I don’t go on holiday for 100 days in a year


LOL(20 thousand vbucks)


BTW are you going to buy the battle pass?