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I don’t actually play fortnite, I’ve just seen a few Muselk videos of him with the ragnarok skin and the buggy.


Lol so many streamers are instant 100 tier buyers. :frowning: I wish they can actually try to get to tier 100. When I saw Ninja choosing between 25 tier bundle or normal battle pass, and he chose 25 tier bundle I was like, OMG you nub!


Yeah, it kinda makes me feel like what’s the point of playing if you’re just gonna buy everything straight away.


IKR, they have to spend $100 bucks to get the tiers. So… IDK why they do that. BTW gtg bye!


Ye Sammme. (20 insane gamers spending insane amounts of money)


It says that you could read this topic in 15 minutes. lies.


Hey chill, we’re just over exaggerating


Yea i agree with @Chaboi_3000. You shouldn’t get so angry over small things


@Chaboi_3000 what is your CoCo username?


I know how the volcano world looks like @everyone


like this!


Btw stop liking yourself using your other account


I know that you did a lot. For example the people you invited/you. liked you


So yeah I and stop and you stop ok? Deal?


Wait a sec you just invited two people yesterday was that before you said that, r u trying to get the bagdge where you invite 5 people?
Just wondering, I don’t really care if people get their other accounts to like them.


When this topic reaches 1000 comments it will probably be 40 minutes XD


I am going to try to get the ragnorak skull.


How? (20 characters)


Leveling up :smiley:


Oh i thought that you were going to change your pic