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Nice job :smile: :smile:


darn it now i’m wanting me some doritos XD
gets doritos
turns out none of them were perfect

Life Lesson:
There is no such thing as a perfect Dorito. (except maybe in Photoshop)


I was going to try every single Doritos bag at my house but I guess it’s not possible to get the perfect Dorito.


I once got a perfect dorito… it was awesome


added Doritos to the name

What does the perfect Dorito look and taste like?


one word:

(Actually it tastes like a regular Dorito, I had one like once or twice in my life??)


Added Doritos to the title.


I did it lol
(20 doritos)


I added (Doritos included)


i did it…
my ten year old sister taught me how to update images using html and im almost 13. i feel disappoint in my skillz


What happened to Captain Anya Weston


She’s gone forever! Doritos and Mountain Dew is better. ( Gosh, it rhymes!) :grin:


haha, if anyone knows the meme :joy:



Doritos and Mountain Dew were too OP for her I guess XD
(also random and probably useless fact i updated the stats to over 9000 each :joy:)


The chihuahua had to much Doritos :joy:


this handsome squidward



Behold The Meme The Legend DABBBING SQUIDWARD.


Yes. Yes, I will.