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Can someone pls help me @Chaboi_3000


You’ve finished this level already.


I didn’t look closer


I didn’t complete it


It isn’t working @Chaboi_3000


Try shutting down the system and do it again.


I solved it @Seojin_Roy_Lee but thanks for the concern :wink:


I need somebody to spam likes on my posts pls. There is a badge i want


If you want you can spam likes on me but I actually think @Chaboi_3000 is right, it’s better if you earn it naturally. :grin:


Why it’s better if you earn it naturally. First try getting the aficionado badge. :wink:


Think that this topic is too long?


Blasphemy! This topic can never be too long! :joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:jokes


How do you find an enemy hero. Just the hero?


That’s a problem I’ve had quite a lot, I normally do it on health and if they’re not type skeleton/burl/soldier/griffin-rider etc. it’s a bit of a faf but it gets the job done.


Or what my brother Brenin Lwwyd (he’s not actually called that) does is check if they’re type “trapper”(Senick) or type “necromancer”(Nalfar) or “forest-archer”(Naria) I haven’t tried this but apparently it works.


Still isn’t working @Deadpool198


I see you gave yourself 11 extra likes from your other account


Dm me your code, I can’t see it in the screenshot.


Whaaat is happening


Yet jordan is still attacking me with 0 health