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It doesn’t work because the nearest enemy is not “trapper” (senic). If you are going to swap hero with senic, you have to put down: enemy = hero.findByType("trapper")[0].


That is why i lose (20 charecters)


because you place enemy = hero.findByType("trapper)[0]?


No not that the glitch with Jordan look at it


The screen shot. I already killed him but he is still alive!


can’t figure out what’s wrong. try reloading the screen.


Where is Peta!


I just changed my username. I’ll see if this is better
My new username is GalaxyØwl4


@Chaboi_3000 could you join my clan pls :smile:


I see that it says that we can get a private lounge area. How do you do that?


don’t think there is one in the codecombat discourse.


They disabled it. :wink:


I took 0 Damage beating Gab1234 LOL :joy:


You can survive with 0 health, I’ve been on 0 health before and won it’s pretty cool. You only die when you have minus health.


I died with 0 health, and so did my allies.


Oh, I’m confused. (20 c


normally you wouldn’t survive with 0 health. back when Gab1234 used the defeat mode, I died with 0 health.


Ohhhhhh I get itt. (:


when he posted this, it showed that the CPU died with 0 health.


Lost viking is soooo easy. I did it in 9.13 seconds. Number 2 on the leaderbourd and the code is only 6 lines long