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any undertale fans here?




doesn’t allow mercy
hits me and I spill blood
I fight and hit him hard
he’s a skeleton, so he doesn’t spill blood


You cant see this lol Spoilers.


The secret was out before this


Who has watched Infinity Wars?!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :call_me_hand:


Not me (yet :wink:). But I want to a lot.


edit: removed :wink:


(2000 sad faces)


It’s fine. I kinda knew already. :grin:


It’s super good!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :love_you_gesture:


cool! I can’t wait to see it.(we definitely are going soon)



fight until he says mercy
he asked to be friends.
be friends.
steal his ketchup after being friends.


What doesn’t make sense is that you could kill them, even though they’re basically dead anyway.


i think papyrus likes spaghetti more than ketchup just saying XD


then steal his ketchup and spaghetti, and while on the run, kill his brother.


Papyrus slays. :joy:


What day is it for you guys? For me it’s May 4th. Anyone know why that’s important?

Why today is important

Say “May 4th” out loud.

May the fourth.

May the force.

May the force be with you! :rofl:


found that trick 2 years ago, and our neighbor showed a star wars movie that night, but I like it still.