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© ?{SPOILERS FREE}[“Doritos included"]Editing Google, CodeCombat hero slots, CodeCombat map, Doritos and other stuff LOL [Also Some Movie Ratings + Some Songs]FORTNITE!/#wayToLongTopicDescription #TheTopicIsConfusingLOL.#IlluminatiConfirmed#OOF


No, it’s not for that, (Since closing topics aren’t deleting them) It’s to tell users to stick with one silly topic. Since this forum is for helping others, not posting silly stuff everywhere.


RIP me


anyone else notice that tharin looks triggered when you beat a level?
just me?


What happened to my exclamation mark?


I beat Nick’s new code!


WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!??!!? SO ITS POSSIBLE!!! HOPE HAS RE ENTERED MY LI- oh wait, hes using ritic, I feel dead inside, but good job @Enderlord832


I also beat @nick’s tharin with Naria. It was pretty simple


however, it seems right that Chaboi_3000 would take responsibility and make this a place for actual discussion of issues, so it doesn’t become like other social media


How is this person coding in Java?!


Also it would be cooler if when you raise dead the zombie ogre would use it’s abilities. like if i raised a shaman it would use grow same with warlockes and witches




also this: look at top and then look at bottom:
also default


yay I beat you. (20)


Ehh i deleted my old code which got me really high and tried a nother one. It was horrible.


I seldom check my multilevel score but very often i see this picture
( user name deleted by me )
Are some guys running scripts to climb the ladder?

All these losses are from the same person. It did’t bother me, but it’s ridiculous!
( the guy is between the first twenty, don’t know if he has forum account. But he/she isn’t the only one I have
seen to use this technique - or is it a bug??? )


Guys, try beating him using the starter free heroes, it might be more of a fun challenge to do that.


who?(20 accounts without codecombat subsription)


nick. (20 characters)


I am back wassup guys :stuck_out_tongue:


Yo @Emidoge , how’s your battle pass? I’m tier 75