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@Emidoge My username is Gamestax


30k more XP. I’m more focused on tiers than XP because you can still do the drift and he ragnarok challenges next season


I also just got drift pickaxe :stuck_out_tongue:


I got the drift axe yesterday


Got it around two weeks after season 5 started.


Nobody wants to look at my code :sob:


I will buy season 6 battle pass


How many vbucks do you have? Mine’s down to 100


850 almost 950 :sunglasses:


Whao SAMe i Got it With EXTly 100,000 EXP


It’s better to spend them on featured skins. They’re much better than the normal battle pass skins


R.I.P i did but its hard to understand at my itllenigence


Well its hard when you only Have 1,100 V-buvks and your dads you cant but anymore


I used to think it was the best axe, but I like my onslaught axe better


But guess what I have the Candycane Axe because i was noob when i bought it but it lights up for every kill


Well to me the Candy Axe or the Axeclaiber are the best two i Have


But the Candy Axe is still the best axe


Either I am slow as a snail or this is false




LOL, why is there a grey, green, and blue compact SMG?