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is it just me, or has there only been 1 poster on this forum today? wait, oh yeah, saturdays. lol, also, this is the first post.


No, I was on the whole time. :wink:


I meant posts, I was checking this forum every 30 minutes today.


It’s Sunday. (20 char)


No it’s Monday 20 characters


you made that post on sunday


you made that post monday


You made that post on Monday


Oh my gosh guys, I was looking around in the thangs, and I found this:
The Crypt Key, but that’s not the exiting bit, it’s this bit:
Is it a ring? Is it a real key? No one knows, but the Crypt Key is said to unlock the secrets of a new world. A new world, Maybe it’s the Volcano world?? What are your theories??


@everyone can someone tell me the name of all the heroes (the string i know tharin is a knight but waht about the others)


I do not know the type of lady ida justheart


Champion is the type for Ida


I thought champion is the type for illia?


Just click on the hero and it tells you what type he/she is…


He means by the hero type. Not the class of the hero. So Illia will be guardian instead of warrior

  1. Who is Illia? I see no one by that name.
  2. Where do you find the type versus class?


Oh Illia is a tier 4 hero who’s soon to be released. You can find the types in the thang editor. Because heroes are classified as their type hero not their actual name


U can find all these in the game development as well.
What do you think about the crypt Key?
p.s. we got 4.3k veiws! Wow, but I don’t think we’ll ever get more veiws than the pinned topics because all the new people see them.


Should I buy it and see if it works? JK I’m 100% sure it doesn’t work right now.


Try it! Although actually all the tasks aren’t done so I’m not sure.